Capitalism The Golden Egg?

Capitalism the golden egg

There are many critics on capitalism and of course just like any system it has its inherent flaws. Just like assholes, people have opinions and this is mine. All capitalism does is make those who provide value through their risk, reward themselves and their families.This nobody disagrees with, if someone works hard and works smart to solve a problem of society they should be rewarded. Where the issues with capitalism arrives is when there is a huge disparity in wealth classes and the corruption of money takes hold of people to invade the rights of others.
      The ugly side of capitalism (The corrupt rich)
Should this exist? I say yes, it should. Capitalism should be fought with capitalism. Money does not corrupt people it just makes them more of who they are. There are more internally ugly people in the world, who are more interested in themselves and their own opinions so they push THEIR agenda. That is no different from the non-open minded poor people except for the fact that they have the money and power to push their agenda. They have the freedom. What this society awards is hard-work, dedication and innovation not altruism. The only way altruism is awarded is if the individual is Hard-working, dedicated and innovative as well. I want you to think of HOW YOU think when you are by yourself, ALONE versus what you think and say when you speak in public. When you have more money and wealth your confidence and power goes up, your thoughts and wants become a reality.

     True Freedom comes from Capitalism

Capitalism provides opportunity to the people who are willing to work for that opportunity. No matter your walk of life. I’ve heard stories from many walks of life that prove it. Because of that opportunity, it puts power into the hands of those people who want to change the system. For instance myself as a mid 20’s Latino man 4 years ago I lived in a hotel, had 6000 dollars of credit card debt a broken down car and worked a minimum wage job. Now with hard work and dedication I own a duplex, where one side is rented to pay my mortgage, have over 30k in the bank, making more then the median household and zero credit card debt, the question you need to ask is why. Because of hard work and dedication, because of changing my mindset, because I was and am still open to my own flaws, because I don’t compare myself to other people because of capitalism and the opportunity that comes along. I will change this world for the better with or without anyone. This Will power, will easily pass through to reality with the assistance of capitalism.

Security or Freedom

Some people value freedom and others value security. Freedom provides incentive to productivity and innovation while security breeds laziness while promoting equality to just being born. There may be arguments to those statements but, hear me out; with as many people who are on this planet we want to (or should want to) provide a great life to everyone providing Shelter, food, entertainment, and a sense of purpose. Think of what that in-tells the device that you are reading this on provided the mining and refining of raw materials, the scientist, the entrepreneurs, the factory workers, the maintenance people, electricians, other companies who put people together to provide the components to make this work for you. This is only possible because of competition and innovation. To be better, to make peoples lives better: the issue arrives when its more valuable to provide devolution to the society of man. 
This is why to me capitalism is the golden egg. not everyone is greedy and nasty. When those people come in and they understand business it will truly change the world for the better.
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