There are 242,470,820 adults in the United States according to the U.S Census bureau. Every week most of those adults receive a bunch of mail that just goes in the trash about  848 pieces of junk mail per household or 1.5 trees per year (http://www.law.nyu.edu/about/sustainability/whatyoucando/junkmail). That is a lot of mail and a lot of trees. so I don’t understand everyone HATES junk mail (except for a few i’m sure) and we don’t really want to destroy the planet unnecessarily.

How about call the companies that send it to you and let them know to take you off the list. The amount  of annoying junk mail you receive will significantly drop. The amount of damage humans cause to the environment will drop the rate from which Carbon dioxide is taken from the air will drop and millions and millions of dollars spent on shitty advertisements will go down. Then Maybe just, maybe the amount of dollars saved can fund some American jobs and the people who make them rich can be rewarded with a job. That is an insane concept but, it might just work.


     Disney princess complex

Can we trust government? of course we can. they are going to take care of the world and our children in the process. If you believe what I just said please leave my page. Obviously not. The government may or may not have the power but, i know this: we as Individuals definitely have the power. If each and everyone of us who DID NOT like junk mail did this we would have a significant impact. All that is left is for the people like you and I to #junkthejunk.

Remember this cops are people. Soldiers are people. Everyone in all kinds of political office (although it may not seem like it) are people as well. And at any-moment anyone of those people could and eventually realized the depth of the problems our society faces and it will become a movement: they are movable as well. So let’s move them.


So please doo us all a favor and #junkthejunk.

Thanks, Out.

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