What is the TPP?

What is the TPP?



What is this TPP that flies by but most people don’t know about? The Trans pacific partnership is DEAD. So does it even matter? Yes, it is still relevant to some respects.  The TPP made American citizens compete with third world nations on wages. Businesses are going to hire the best bidder like any normal person wouldn’t think twice about if they were using a generic or a brand name as long as the generic was cheaper. Hidden as a trade deal under the name of free trade which it ALSO was more so, it was a policy agreement made with multiple countries created by and for countries.


Okay What the Hell Does the TPP actually do (or what did it do)?

The TPP did many things Hidden from the eyes of even our elected officials for a majority of its existence is a comprehensive document that allowed MORE out sourcing, Allowed corporations to sew the taxpayer (AKA government) for passing policies that effect their bottom line, make internet companies pay more attention to what you look up and download online, and allowed patents of generic drugs to last for a longer time.  These horrible things are just to name a few. There are pages upon pages of crap for corporation written BY CORPORATION behind closed doors.

So although I don’t like trump I am glad that he got rid of this piece of non-law that was 100% for corporations and would have probably made it worse in this country when it comes down to job labor.


So why do we care now?

Well we care now because China began to make a similar deal being the masterminds behind the deal and are forming better relationships with countries around the world. More currencies will rely on china and their currency. It also works out a little better for china becasue of all of their cheap labor, Buy its left to be seen.


Now if somebody asks you what was the TPP now you can tell them 🙂

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