Sheep of the World, Are you Awake?

Are you a sheep or are you awake?

This journey has moved me from 5000 in Credit card dept with no car and no job to a house, a paid off car 30k in the bank and counting, a relationship with a beautiful sensible Girlfriend and undying passion to achieve what I want now making 75 thousand dollars a year. What is a sheep and what is being awake? Most people are sheep and those who are awake can and will achieve whatever they like. Sheep are the used and the awake are the users or leaders who protect the used. Being awake is like learning of the force and how to use it. It’s your choice to how you want to use it. If you want to wake up Read on.  This may be a turning point in your life.



When you are a sheep you accept things the way they are. The religion you grow up with is the one you follow even if you may have questioned it. If you are unhappy with your life or unhappily blame other people you are a sheep. If you believe there is no way for you to become successful you are a sheep. If you believe that you can’t make a difference then your a sheep. do you get it? Gandhi was awake and past awake, so was Martin Luther king Jr, and Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Elon musk and several other because being awake is partially a psychological thing so was Socrates and Aristotle as well. Do you understand that when you wake up and surpass it you become more then the norm? Because most of you will not awaken from reading this. My hope is that one of you will awaken, and from that alone this article would have changed the world.

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The simple truth of how to achieve anything you want: the awakening.

Most people grow out of awakening. As children we are taught to sleep and become sheep. You awaken through a simple matter of asking the questions “why” and “How” just as you do as a child. It’s that simple. Whenever you we stop trying to figure out why we do what we do and believe what we believe we officially go to sleep, like the phrase thinker not a stinker. Not being part of the crowd, not being a sheep. Another important part of being awake is questioning yourself, your own actions, and your beliefs. Just accepting the status quo. Being yourself is a huge part of being awake questioning yourself goes hand and hand with that. It’s being aware or conscious. It is important to remember that you will not be awake all the time. Just like sleep when it comes to your physical ability it is necessary . You have to sleep well. Some people sedate themselves to escape from life but, the main thing to do is to make sure you learn from being awake and non-bias. Awakening has changed my life.

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