Who is Gary Johnson?

Don’t want to vote for a con-man or a crook?

As everybody knows most Elections there are 2 people that people don’t like, which sucks for the rest of us! Usually there are other candidates but, people don’t vote for them because they feel like there is no chance that they will win or that they do not know them. I’d like to introduce Gary Johnson. A libertarian by party affiliation. He is conservative when it comes to the U.S budget and he believe in human rights and equality. on top of that he want to legalize marijuana, this sounds like a person with some common sense in his head. Alcohol is way worse for a person over marijuana in almost every way, yet it is legal (in their defense they tried to make it illegal too). so who is Gary Johnson? you ask? He is the best candidate available to us right now and he is actually pretty okay in my opinion.

Who is Gary Johnson?
Who is Gary Johnson?

Who is Gary Johnson? His traits.

As you will see Gary Johnson is a liberal that really wants the U.S to become a better place but, He has some powerful powers against him (Banks, The Feds, and farms receiving farm subsidies. Most of the Information to follow was received from http://www.ontheissues.org/Gary_Johnson.htm . Insurers do not have to provide birth control, no federal funding for stem cell research and a woman has the right to choose until the fetus has been in there up until the 3rd tri. He is in favor of ending the feds, cutting the budget, opposes the bank bailouts, and understands financial collapses. Gary Johnson supports the separation of church and states, supports the legalization of prostitution, supports equal rights and gay marriage. He wants to eliminate double taxation for corporations, figure out what is going on with occupy wall street, and he grew a company to 1000 people from 1. He thinks too many unnecessary laws are over filling our prisons, he supports private prisons but, is kind of against the death penalty, also wants to legalize drugs. “why do we tell adults what to put in their bodies?” quoted by Mr. Johnson. He believes the war oh drugs is less of a crime  problem and more of a health problem so legalize weed and keep our prisons half empty because they usually become more criminal after. He thinks student loans cause Higher tuition, and understands global warming but, doesn’t accept taxing carbon emissions. He thinks we should not keep giving money to foreign aid and thinks trading with Cuba is good. Free trade ALL THE WAY in Gary Johnson’s book. Gary Johnson is also pro- Protecting yourself with a weapon NOT Pro-Sheep.


Check out all the rest of his details at http://www.ontheissues.org/Gary_Johnson.htm over all I like him and I am going to vote for him. I think he has his head on straight in comparison to the crook Hilary Clinton who obviously lies to everyone, and Trump who OBVIOUSLY cons people and we don’t know what the hell he is actually going to do.

Good luck everyone and be safe 🙂 With hopes for equality and opportunity for all 😉

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