The Meaning of life: Are you a Modern Day Slave?

Modern Day Slave

A blink of life

Let’s take a look at the life of a typical human born in the United States, in general of course! First we are born as a child we go to school go to school until at least 18 to 26 years old. We are in dept we find a job that is supported by what we went to school for (or not) start to pay back dept. Buy a house and get more into dept. Continue working hard to support our new born baby and raise our child up until the age of 18. When our child reaches the age of 18 we are at the youngest 36 and at the oldest 48 (sometimes older or maybe a little younger). At this point we  are finally free but, we have to plan for retirement and since the average person moves once every 7 years we have at least moved once with another 30 year mortgage. Our dept will be paid off in our 50’s FINALLY :). Life is okay, I think, We have all the food we need, a family, a couple of minor health problems. Not too shabby , and on top of that our corporate job allows us 3 weeks a year of vacation time to do what ever we want NICE! Then when your youth is expired and you are fragile you get a just enough to keep you satisfied until you die. The End.

Made of gold?


I said that in the nicest way that I could muster but, think about it this way; We work our whole youth not allowed to pursue what we want to pursue, do what we want to do and for the ambitious specially achieve what we’d like to achieve. We are used up then thrown away when we are weak and unwanted or not useful anymore. All that is wanted is from us is our Youth and then  like a used up toilet paper we are flushed into the sewage like some shit covered, diseased riddled, fragile toilet paper.

What is my worth? I would often ask myself. Some choose to ignore it, drink it away, to numb it, I choose to confront it. My mind often chooses to ignore the hurtful truth but, my heart will never let it fade or let me forget. I have moments of anger screaming in my house that I am a modern day slave but, I use that hurt to further myself towards freedom, “true freedom”. I know my life isn’t “hard” as most people would describe it. Most would also choose to ignore death for the “truth” of a higher power and choose to not accept that we are not any more then the worms that eat us alive. But we are man some would argue with a soul and morality and not just… A frontal cortex, or a fore-brain, Because we are special, we are modern day slaves. our purpose to serve the wants of those around up and to conform to the system and not to shape it. At least that is what is expected of you. What will you do?

The Meaning of life


Oh and the meaning of life, your worth? Its whatever you choose it to be. Dedicate your life to raising children put them above all, Push the Norm in scientific research, Start a revolution and change the system (not advocating violence, just making a point),be as caring as you can be, make as much money as you possibly can, or just be. Be a modern day slave. Your life, your choice your “worth” its all up to you.

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