Can a man do a “woman’s” Job?

Can a man do a woman’s job?


Can a man do a “woman’s” job? The fact that I even have to answer this question is sad. Someone proposed a hypothesis to me saying that men are biologically supposed to mate with multiple woman and this is why they are more “sexually active”, are more dominate in general, and protective etc. They went on to explain that in the animal kingdom there are many species that have alpha as in the silver back, or the lions pride has 3 males and a dozen females, an alpha wolf in a herd etc.


     As some of this may or may NOT have some truth to it how about the fact that WE ARE HUMAN. We have what most creatures that we are compared to do not… The ability to reason, a frontal cortex. What the hell!? This is a ridiculous notion. “Like I’m sorry I cheated” male or female we have the power as human beings to use logic. Let us use it. Cheating by mistake and most of what people call natural gifts (notice I said MOST), or saying someone got lucky (unless it was through the lotto, which is still something we call chance) No they did not get lucky they worked hard. Everyone has the same opportunity in this world to achieve and do anything. Putting the role of a man and the role of a female on opposite ends of the spectrum is ridiculous, unless you are talking about the ability to ejaculate sperm or harbor a baby (which has been a line recently getting blurred) then you need feminine or masculine parts. so to ask me Can a man do a “woman’s” job? I ask Can a person do another person’s job? I see no reason why not.

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