Capitalism The Golden Egg?

Capitalism the golden egg There are many critics on capitalism and of course just like any system it has its inherent flaws. Just like assholes, people have opinions and this is mine. All capitalism does is make those who provide value through their risk, reward themselves and their families.This nobody disagrees with, if someone works … Read more


Junkthejunk There are 242,470,820 adults in the United States according to the U.S Census bureau. Every week most of those adults receive a bunch of mail that just goes in the trash about  848 pieces of junk mail per household or 1.5 trees per year ( That is a lot of mail and a lot of … Read more

What is the TPP?

What is the TPP?   What is this TPP that flies by but most people don’t know about? The Trans pacific partnership is DEAD. So does it even matter? Yes, it is still relevant to some respects.  The TPP made American citizens compete with third world nations on wages. Businesses are going to hire the … Read more

Women up for the Draft

Women for the draft For the longest time women have not been able to join the ranks of every military operation or join whatever job or MOS that they desired. Since Shaye Haver became the first ranger April 27th 2016 and before the debate has been on. With the push for woman’s equality in all fields … Read more

Where the boat landed.

Where the boat landed Where the boat landed: Many people are ill informed or confused about race. not only are they ill informed but, if this particular person has a vendetta or a bias against another race, I won’t name call, your ignorance may just be 10 fold because people are one and i’m not … Read more

To gun or not to gun

To gun or not to gun To gun or not to gun That has been the big debate in the United States for sometime now and I just refuse to be a sheep. If you don’t like it get a freaking gun. If everyone had a gun crime would disappear. There are more good people … Read more

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